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myloopblog evolves into

Nov 20, 2011 Leave a comment

A year ago, I started to think about setting up a blog to share my self-management experience with other interested people all around the world. Within this year, I have learned a lot by blogging about how I “manage my life”. Writing down my practices helped me to identify the key success factors and made me aware of the benefits of my habits. – I have a system in place, which works as a backbone and on which I can rely on completely.

The system bases on my professional experience in the area of quality and process management combined with well-known self-management practices. It is really simple to understand, to implement, and – most important – easy to use.

As consequence, I decided to align the content of my blog with these new insights and from now on I will focus on exactly what I am really good at: Setting up and running a smart and reliable self-management system to manage business and personal life. πŸ™‚

To make the focus of my blog more obvious, I have changed the name to On I will continue to write about my self-management system approach to share my experience and to offer ideas how to implement a system like this on your own.

To support this implementation, I decided to summarize my approach in a compact way within an eBook. – More about this within the next weeks. Until completion of this eBook, just read about my approach on relaunched! πŸ™‚