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Professional Performance Standards – Request for Comment

Jun 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Inspired by existing standards like EN ISO or OHSAS etc. and my previous suggestion for professional performance standards I decided to develop a request for comment for a professional performance standard applicable to all persons.

This is the first draft of my proposal for this standard and I am looking forward to receive your feedback! 🙂

Professional Performance Standards – Request for Comment

1. Introduction
The application of a self-management system is a strategic decision of a person to enhance personal performance and to improve cooperation in a business environment.

This standard is designed to prove reliability and honesty of the person.

The defined requirements are generic and shall be applicable to all persons.

2. Personal Commitment
The person shall state to comply with the requirements of this standard.

3. Basic Requirements

3.1. Task Management
The person shall establish and maintain a reliable task management system to register all tasks. These tasks shall be prioritized and scheduled to ensure completion.

3.2. Mail Management

3.2.1. Incoming Mail
The person shall process incoming mail within 24 business hours.

Processing shall be done by “first touch” without returning the incoming mail to inbox.

Processing of incoming mail is defined as:
a) delete mail, if information is not relevant and answering not requested
b) forward mail
c) answer mail
d) transform mail into a task
In case of b) and d) sender shall be informed about processing decision.

3.2.2. Outgoing Mail
The person shall write outgoing mail as short and precise as possible.

The person shall address outgoing mail to relevant addressees only.

3.3. Time Management
The person shall establish and maintain a system to manage available time.

3.4. Office/Desk Management
The person shall ensure privacy of all processed information.

The person shall minimize usage of paper.

3.5. Document Management
The person shall archive documents and records to ensure traceability of the work performed.

3.6. Password Management
The person shall ensure the use of strong passwords.

The person shall protect passwords and keep passwords a personal secret.

3.7. Feedback Management
The person shall evaluate received feedback regarding performance and shall develop measures to improve.

Setting up task management

Jan 18, 2011 4 comments

During the last years, I experimented a lot with to-do lists to manage my tasks. At the moment, I am working with an online tool which I can easily access from all my devices. This makes it possible to capture all tasks from wherever I am and it releases me from keeping everything in mind.

I use different lists for all areas of my life. For example, I have a list for my main job, for bigger projects, for my private stuff, and for shopping. While writing down new to-dos, I try to write the tasks as actionable “next actions”, referring to David Allen’s “Getting Things Done®” methodology. In addition, I use attributes like estimated effort, priority, as well as start and due date:

Effort: I estimate the necessary time to perform the task. This makes it easy to plan the upcoming day and to evaluate, if it is possible to perform the tasks in the available time.

Priority: I simply use three different priorities to manage my tasks:

  • Operational: All routine tasks that do not have a mid- or long-term importance and do not impact my goals.
  • Tactical: All tasks that have a mid-term influence on my goals.
  • Strategic: All tasks that are from a strategic importance and that influence my long-term goals or my personal development.

Start date: This is the scheduled date on which I want to start working on the task.

Due date: This is the deadline for the completion of the task.

I try to keep the basic setup as simple as possible. I will write more about how I use this task management within the “Daily operations” section. Even if it would be possible to use paper based lists or to use plain excel sheets, I prefer tools like – which I use – or These tools assist you with search-, filter- and sort-functionalities and allow you to focus on the tasks instead on the management.