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I’m Fine, Thanks – Please support a cool project!

May 28, 2012 Leave a comment

I heard about a cool project by Adam Baker ( which I would like to share with you.

Adam and a crew of four other film makers travelled the U.S. for about two months to create a documentary about complacency.

I watched the trailer and now I am really curious to see the whole movie. Unfortunately, the production of the movie is more expensive than the team expected.

To raise additional money, they started a project. Please see the trailer and – if you like it – support the team to make the movie possible:

myloopblog evolves into

Nov 20, 2011 Leave a comment

A year ago, I started to think about setting up a blog to share my self-management experience with other interested people all around the world. Within this year, I have learned a lot by blogging about how I “manage my life”. Writing down my practices helped me to identify the key success factors and made me aware of the benefits of my habits. – I have a system in place, which works as a backbone and on which I can rely on completely.

The system bases on my professional experience in the area of quality and process management combined with well-known self-management practices. It is really simple to understand, to implement, and – most important – easy to use.

As consequence, I decided to align the content of my blog with these new insights and from now on I will focus on exactly what I am really good at: Setting up and running a smart and reliable self-management system to manage business and personal life. 🙂

To make the focus of my blog more obvious, I have changed the name to On I will continue to write about my self-management system approach to share my experience and to offer ideas how to implement a system like this on your own.

To support this implementation, I decided to summarize my approach in a compact way within an eBook. – More about this within the next weeks. Until completion of this eBook, just read about my approach on relaunched! 🙂

Found on FTD: Tidy desk looks professional

Jul 25, 2011 Leave a comment

After reading an article on Financial Times Deutschland which confirmed that a tidy desk looks professional, I thought it would be nice to translate the key facts and to share these with you.

The author Sabine Meinert reports about a study conducted by the temporary employment agency OfficeTeam. To develop this study, OfficeTeam surveyed 500 HR manager.

OfficeTeam found out that a cluttered desk looks as if the owner is not able to organize his or her desk and this might lead to the association that the person in general is careless, unstructured, and chaotic.

83 percent of all asked managers rated the employee to be less professional in case of a cluttered desk.

In addition to this, not only the desk itself is of interest. The whole office will be scanned and evaluated by superiors. Crowded shelves, high piles of paper, or overflowing trash cans will not support career advancement.

But Sven Hennige, Managing Director at OfficeTeam, warns that a tidy desk itself will not boost a career. In addition to this, high quality and performance is still necessary.

If you are interested in how I uncluttered my desk, please read this post.

Worldwide WordPress 5k completed

Apr 10, 2011 1 comment

I found the article about the wwwp5k idea written by Sara Rosso on Tuesday after completing a 4.5 km run in the morning. – Just 500 meters missing. 😉 I really liked the idea of joining this world wide event and so I added the task of completing a 5k into toodledo and scheduled it for the weekend with due date on Sunday.  – This might sound strange but this is how I did it! 🙂 And finally, two hours ago, I completed the 5k!

To be honest, in the past, I did not like to go jogging, but this year, I simply started and I am still doing it since end of February. Are you interested in how I achieved this? It was quite simple:

1. In December – during my yearly planning – I decided to return to the weight that I had three years ago until end of June. Thus, the target of losing weight was set and I had to choose a measure to achieve this. After trying to eat less or to do rope skipping (which killed my back), I ended up with running as my preferred solution.

2. To integrate this measure into my schedule and to create the necessary pressure to go jogging, I added a repetitive “go jogging” task onto my todo list in toodledo.

3. Most important: I downloaded a sports tracker software to my smartphone and I track my exercises with GPS data to evaluate my training progress.  – I love this gadget! And it seems as if this enthusiasm about the software has a positive effect on my feelings about jogging. 🙂

Is there somebody out there who has had a similar experince? How did you start with jogging?

My practices how I manage my life in one pdf as download

Feb 13, 2011 Leave a comment

I thought it might be value adding to put all my practices how I manage my life into one pdf to have everything in one compact document which can be printed out easily for example. – And if you are interested in sharing this paper with your friends or colleagues, feel free to send them a copy.

Download now: My practices how I manage my life (PDF, 81.1KB)


Jan 18, 2011 1 comment

The current version of my practices how I manage my life consists of three major building blocks:

General setup – How to get started?: To get started with managing my life, I worked on three elements as basic setup. I implemented a reliable task management, I adapted a methodology to process my inboxes, and I started to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses as well as my skills and talents.

Planning – How to realize my dreams?: To structure my thoughts and to achieve my dreams, I developed a top-down approach to define my dreams, to plan the upcoming year and to stay focused during the year.

Daily Operations – How to manage my day?: Finally, I optimized my daily tasks processing and I improved my time management to ease my daily duties.

Overall, I try to keep these building blocks as simple as possible and wherever I find a good tool that supports these tasks, I would definitely try to integrate it in a beneficial way.

Please find out more about the details within the posts linked above.

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Welcome to!

Jan 18, 2011 Leave a comment

These are my practices how I manage my life and I am really interested in receiving your comments and in discussing your own practices how you manage your life.

During the last years, I worked on setting up a robust and simple self-management to structure and optimize my workday, to improve the time with my family, and – overall – to realize my dreams.

My practices are a best brew of a lot of techniques out there. I am a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done® and a delighted reader of Leo Babauta’s zenhabits. I read a number of self-management books and I practiced for years. 🙂

I recommend start reading the Overview, use the categories or just start with the latest post!