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Have a reliable task management system as backbone in busy times

As my days were very busy during the last weeks, I used the time on a flight back home today to review and to think about what really helped me to stay on top of what I am doing.

Besides the support of my wife 🙂 the two tools I am using frequently are my target mind map and my task management system.

About my mind map I have written another post already. Now I would like to take the opportunity to share my task management experience in busy times with you.

– One system for all to-dos: Use only one tool to manage your tasks. This saves time and gives you ONE overview about your to-dos. By the way, I am using Toodledo to manage my tasks.

– Always open, always accessible: Have your task list available all the time to put new to-dos on it without writing these tasks down somewhere else. If I cannot access my to-do list, I send tasks via mail to task feature to Toodledo.

– Register all tasks: Whenever a new task comes up, create a “next action” out of it, estimate the effort, prioritize, and schedule this new to-do. If necessary, register also the tasks which execution would not need more than 5 minutes. If you are really busy, just put everything into the system to have it out of your inbox and out of your mind.

– Scan list for urgent tasks: Check your list from time to time – at least once a day – for urgent to-dos e.g., with deadline today, to make sure that you do not miss something that you should have done.

– Plan task processing: At the end of the day, take a few minutes to check your task list and plan which tasks have to be completed on the next day.

These are the key points that kept me on top of my task during the last weeks. In addition to this, I try to become less busy but sometimes this is hard to realize. This is why I recommend having a reliable task management system in place that supports you during these busy days as a kind of backbone.

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