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Manage your life with a mind map – Five steps to get started

I am always looking for ways to simplify my self management system. In the past, I used an excel sheet to manage my goals, but a few month ago, I started using a mind map to organize and review my targets.

For me, using a mind map is much more intuitive and flexible compared to excel sheets. I am really enjoying this very simple visual way of managing my targets and I would like to share this experience with you.

Here are five steps to get started:

1. Open a new mind map and put “My Targets” into the middle.

2. Add the areas (e.g., health, finance, education, relationships) you would like to manage as new sub topics. To get a little bit more structure, add additional sub topics to these areas (e.g., within health I added the sub areas “sport”, “immunization”, and “checkups”).

3. Within these areas or sub areas, add the target you would like to achieve (e.g., “complete a marathon” in the area “health – sport”).

4. Afterwards, brainstorm possible steps to achieve the targets. If you like to, you can also add time frames or other additional information to the measures.

5. Finally, add the “next action” to achieve the first of the steps of every target to your task list to get it started!

Congratulations, this is it!

From now on, you can simply work on the tasks within your task management and add the next activity as soon as you complete the current one.

In addition, I review my target mind map on a monthly basis to check if I am on track and if I have to add new “next actions” to my task management.

The only things you need – to get started with this methodology – are a sheet of paper and a pen. To have it a bit more comfortable, I recommend using a mind mapping tool. I started with XMind. – It’s free!

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