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Request: How do you archive and backup your stuff?

To be honest, I do not have a really good practice for archiving my stuff like e-mail or snail mail, invoices, photos, or other documents and I am absolutely looking for your advice.

At first, I have to differentiate between my private stuff and my company related information. In the company it is a little bit easier: Every year I start a new outlook pst file and set up a structure according to my projects. Within this structure I file all my e-mails and I also record my notes and other offline documentation by using scan to mail and archiving the e-mails afterwards. Finally, as long as there is no retention period, I simply dispose the original paper documentation. That is it. – To prevent me from loosing all my data, I do continuous backups to our fileserver with a company owned backup tool. This is where I also store my working documents like doc, ppt, and xls files.

In my private life, I tend to do it in a similar way by having a large email account and by storing files on a NAS. In addition to this, I file my invoices and other paper records in folders in a cabinet. I do not scan this documentation, at the moment.

In addition to this, I am experimenting with online tools like evernote, dropbox, backblaze and crashplan. – But I am still trying to figure out which one might be the best tool for my needs and I am also a little bit reluctant to upload all my data to the internet.

Please share your experience and send me your practices for archiving and backup by e-mail or simply comment on this post. Many thanks in advance!

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